Workshops for Years 3 to 6

The primary school workshops I deliver are designed for 7-11 year olds in Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2

  • Science (World of Energy – LLE & SATRO),
  • Technology (Lego robotics with scratch programming – SATRO)
  • Maths (Fun Maths – SATRO)

The Value to Pupils and Teachers

In the Science and Technology workshops I deliver, pupils take part in a mixture of class activities and team challenges. These are specially designed to be fun and appropriate to the curriculum they are studying. They learn how businesses and their employees use the knowledge and skills they are being taught to have rewarding jobs and independence.

The workshops use equipment that schools don’t have the budgets to buy, store and maintain. 

This brings the school subjects to life for the pupils and helps their teachers show them the relevance of studying hard as well as the importance of the ‘soft skills’ of teamwork, communication, initiative and problem solving in their future.