Origins – how the earth made us. By Lewis Dartnell

Origins is a fascinating read. Heavy subject matter treated with a light touch.

Lewis Dartnell tells the story of human evolution in relation to the evolving geography of the Earth. He explains how all of human history from what we eat, where we travel, what we build with, the risks we face, indeed how everything about our existence relates to our physical location and the effects of the weather, ground, seas and winds that shape who we are today.

The final chapter on the energy sources that we rely on to support billions of us across the globe has made this latest phase of humanity possible. It asks us how we choose where we are going with this energy and what the future can be. All in beautifully simple language.

This book puts human history and our somewhat precarious future in perspective. As someone clever once said, “without perspective we are just kids looking out with our faces shoved up against the glass.”