Workshops for Undergraduate Business & Economic Students

The university workshops and lectures I deliver are designed to inspire the next generation of business professionals to sharpen their enterprise and employability skills. I help them understand  the changing market place they are entering by applying sustainability into their business planning, operational management and reporting to stakeholders.

  • Enterprise and Employability Specialist Workshops for Undergraduates (Company Programme¬† – Young Enterprise)
  • Sustainability Workshops for Business & Economics University Students¬† (Bespoke Lectures – Let’s Learn Energy),

The Value to Students and Teachers

Seeking employment for most young people is a worrying experience, maybe even terrifying. We have to step outside our comfort zone just to get interview. That stretches most of us and will overwhelm some.

For others of a more confident nature a lack of preparedness through ignorance of the process and how they will react and handle the pressure, can scupper good opportunities.

There is no substitute for contact will real employers such as myself, and the volunteers I work with, to develop workplace skills, attitudes and knowledge, to compliment their academic studies.

I have been teaching sustainability for 3 years and these students of today are the first generation of business professionals who will have to lead the way in sustainability for investment, legislation, staff, customers and community.