Chris Burchill Feb 2019

As a business professional I take great pleasure in helping young people of all ages and backgrounds understand about employability, sustainability and the importance of STEM in their future careers.

All the workshops I run are practical and fun. They have reflection to land the learning and most importantly they are learning by playing. The outcomes for young people are:

  • Confidence and teamwork through the workshop business games and activities, and how that relates to their experiences and attitudes in school/college/university
  • Understanding what employers want, and the importance of academic studies and achievements/interests outside of education
  • Inspiring young people to take ownership of a sustainable future themselves and their families; they explore questions in science, personal responsibility, business practicality, and community to build their own views

I work with educational charities such as SATRO and Young Enterprise as well as running my own sustainability education business Let’s Learn Energy, which inspires young people from 9 to 24 years of age to learn about the business and social impacts of sustainability.